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Meet the Team! Bobby Rein

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Bobby Rein is a Finance and Mortgage broker who is also a photographer... Wait, what?! Through an unconventional career combination, nothing excites Bobby more than exercising both sides of his brain regularly. Bobby has a passion for providing strong support, realistic advice, a streamlined process, but above all prides himself on providing an honest, human experience.

Bobby purchased his first home in 2020 and understand that the process can be stressful, therefore strives to remove as much stress out of the finance side of things as possible. This process is what motivated him to become a Mortgage Broker and begin to challenge the norms and bring some fresh energy to an otherwise outdated industry.

As a small business owner himself, Bobby understands the stressors and strains that come with the job, regardless of the industry.

Bobby is motivated to support all clients and appreciates that everybody has a unique financial position, however, holds a particular interest in: refinancing, first home buyers, & self-employed applicants. Nothing grinds Bobby’s gears more than paying more than required and urges everyone who hasn’t reviewed their home loans in the past two years to do so immediately.

Bobby is always free for a phone call or a game of table tennis in-office to discuss your position. If you beat him, he’ll eat his hat.

Book a free consultation here!

Or get in touch with Bobby via or on 0426 361 202.

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