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A Day in the Life of Our Mortgage Brokers

Updated: Mar 21

Get to know The Newstead Group's mortgage broker’s - Kade and Bobby.

The Newstead Group Mortgage Brokers Kade and Bobby

Follow them into a day in their lives through this interview-style blog post, revealing the behind-the-scenes of their roles, daily tasks, client interactions, and strategies for navigating the dynamic market. Whether you're a prospective client or just curious about the mortgage broking industry, get a glimpse into the dedication and roles of Kade and Bobby at The Newstead Group.

What are the first tasks you do when you get into the office?

Kade - Prepare a task list for the day and review tasks from yesterday to ensure a seamless transition from the previous day's work.

Bobby – Hop onto the office AUX, monitor all files, and check if anything has come through overnight.

What are the primary tasks that are always consistent in your day?

Kade & Bobby – Completing product comparisons, keeping on top of product policy, checking document uploads and meeting with clients, whether that be in office or over the phone.

Where is the best coffee in Newstead?

Kade – Resolved or Salt.

Bobby – Black Sheep.

How do you establish and maintain your relationships with clients daily?

Kade – As we are highly technology-oriented these days, I always incorporate an open-door policy in which I encourage my clients to contact me whenever they need with whatever questions they have. This approach fosters an ongoing and transparent conversation, establishing the foundation for strong client connections.


Bobby - I always find client relationships occur organically over time through our collaborations. We, as brokers, also like to contribute and add a personal touch to our monthly newsletter we email to clients to keep in touch in a genuine way.

How do you stay updated on market changes and updates?

Kade & Bobby – We are able to stay ahead of market changes and updates primarily through our BDMs (Business Development Managers) and email channels. We will additionally monitor multiple sources including Finance & Coffee, Quickli Policy, Wikibroker, The Adviser, and AFG matrix to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the current market.

What technology or tools do you use to help you with your day-to-day tasks?

Kade & Bobby – Our daily tasks are streamlined though a combination of tools and applications including File Invite, Broker Engine, Monday, and Slack. However, we are also never afraid of paper and pen!

Favourite thing to do after work?

Kade – Rowing and gaming.

Bobby – Walking my dog and going for a run.

Favourite Local Lunch Spot?

Kade – The Newstead Social

Bobby – Unbearable Bagels

Our mortgage brokers handle diverse tasks daily, as such no two days are alike. To support our team in this dynamic environment, we have support workers to assist our brokers where needed and always adopt a collaborative team approach.

For more information on Kade hit the button below:

For more information on Bobby hit the button below:

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