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Booking Remote Consults at The Newstead Group

Remote consults. A blessing in disguise courtesy of the pandemic! We’re about to run you through everything regarding remote consults and the Pros and Cons that come along with them here at The Newstead Group!

Let’s start off with explaining how to book in with us if you haven’t booked in before. Just head to our website, click on the “book online” tab or use the “book a free chat” button. This will take you to our bookings tab where you can choose either a remote or in person consultation option, both estimating at 30 minutes – 1 hour. These consults are free of charge as our main role as your mortgage brokers is understanding your needs and requirements and it is our goal here at The Newstead Group to help all clients that come through our doors, metaphorically or literally.

Now let’s move on into the many positives the implementation of online consults has afforded us, both broker and client.

The best point to start off with is these consults can be done anywhere and anytime to suit your lifestyle. Here at The Newstead Group, we offer remote consults via zoom or phone call for your convenience. These consults are usually shorter in duration making them more accessible and convenient for you as the client. Remote consults also afford for the mitigation of possible scheduling conflicts, just find a 30 minute to 1 hour slot of time in your day and hop on the phone, yep, it’s that easy. A truly amazing positive we have seen as a brokerage is our further reach of clientele possibility; we can guide you through the entire home loan process from hundreds of kilometres away. We as brokers are also afforded the flexibility of our time when you book in remotely, it really is a win-win situation.

This remote process is incredible and growing vastly in popularity as lenders are graduating to digital banking processes. Lenders are vastly accepting electronic methods of home loans, using things such as DocuSign, ZipID/IDYou, using screenshots of you holding up your ID (I know that’s pretty crazy), and settling on completely electronic mortgages. Geographical differences are in no way a restriction when dealing with The Newstead Group, whether you are interstate or your schedule simply does not allow you to make it into our Newstead office.

Here at The Newstead Group, we are so passionate about the digital lending process we came up with our own digital lending platform.

Now onto the (very few) negatives.

During our in-person consults we like to cast our computers to the boardroom tv to demonstrate the process to our in-office clients, along with the impact certain figures can have on a scenario. However, as you may expect, we cannot do the same in remote consults, thus losing the ability of providing a more hands-on experience.

Another negative we have found is that remote appointments can feel a little less personable, since we are just another professional on a screen. When you’re unable to make it into the office and witness the culture and atmosphere of the business, we do our best to make up for it in our remote consults.

Now this isn’t to say by booking remotely you will miss out on this; this is just from our perspective of the provider of these services. We equally love guiding our clients through their individual process either in-person or remotely, and we invest ourselves into ensuring everybody receives the highest tier of customer service.

Wondering what our mortgage brokers can offer you? Get in touch with us here at The Newstead Group and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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